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Is really free?

Yes, is really free. You can access all the templates and create a resume for free without any credit card information. You can share your resume with others and make multiple edits for free. You can print your created resume in pdf format for free. is free.

At any time you can upgrade and have one of our experts review or rewrite your resume.

I want to delete my account?

We are sorry to hear that. You can delete your resume by sending a request to our support team.

What is your refund policy?

You can obtain a refund by sending a refund request to No refund will be available after services have been rendered and accepted by the client.

My resume is missing?

Please log into to find your resume. Your resume is automatically saved to your library.

How can I have an expert review my resume?

You can request an expert to review your resume by clicking “EXPERT” when you are working on your resume. Your expert, who is a certified resume writer, will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your resume.